Sunday, May 22, 2005

ShellBottle by Mahdi

mahdi_ShellBottle, originally uploaded by con10t.

Uncanny, Mahdi's drink water bottle pierced by a 40mm shell resemble the high-speed image of a bullet piercing an apple by Harald Egerton. Shells are easy to come by in Kabul, the ones to worry about are those with the extra piercing power due to uranium coating or some other devilish technology, which any conscious perrson would imagine pose a risk to children in the streets after whatever fact is being pounded.
This shell casing turns the bottle into thin air, water evaporated, gone like the waters of the Kabul River, not even a trickle but still mosquitoey and soggy under foot to make life for the hoards of returning refugees camping in provisional plastic tarp tents on the ex-waterway a test for patience, simply a misery. The vertical invisible, the water bottle empty and pointing up nonetheless poses a cross form and questions with the stiff horizontal line of the shell magically arrested or perhaps unaware that the bottle is even there.


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